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Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

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Meet Kat, an international full-time public relations student at Humber College. She’s a vibrant storyteller with a passion for diversity and inclusion representation. As she enters the public relations industry, she wants to specialize in event planning, travel companies, lifestyle organizations, and the development of campaigns that drive meaningful change and advocacy. She wants to bring organizations’ stories to life and make a meaningful impact on other people.

When the sun sets, Kat enjoys binge-watching marathon series with her roommate and keeping up with TikTok’s newest pop culture trends. She loves The Hunger Games saga and somehow always knows what’s buzzing in the entertainment world, so if you want to know any celebrity gossip, she’s your go-to girl.  

Despite her busy schedule, she always finds time for video chats with her friends and family, especially her dog, Guz Guz who lives in Mexico with her parents. 

A fun fact about Kat is that she has a talent for fun graphic eyeliners. She likes to match them with her outfits; eventually, they’ve become part of her self-expression and identity. Although her talent has taken a lot of practice to master, she admits her inability to replicate it in others—a skill reserved solely for her reflection. 

As for her go-to hot beverage? That would have to be a classic cappuccino.

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