A latte with Ali Ryan

Episode first aired on December 28, 2023

Season 02 Episode 10

In this episode, Matisse chats with PR & Lattes’ in-house social media guru, Ali Ryan, about the 2024 trends all professional communicators need to keep in mind when planning their social content.

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About our guest

Ali Ryan is a highly skilled Creative Marketing Strategist with over 10 years of experience. Her inspired expertise areas include pop culture, social media, and influencer relations, making her a go-to professional in her field. She hopes to change the world of brand communications to focus on transparency, authenticity, and fostering a better sense of community. Having worked with diverse clients in industries such as beauty, lifestyle, food & beverage, fashion, fitness, tech, health, wellness, and real estate, Ali’s versatility knows no bounds. She consistently delivers exceptional client results by leveraging her creativity and innovative strategies.

Outside work, Ali loves to do yoga, try new food dishes, and explore nature whenever possible. You can find her on Instagram and support her small business.

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