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Jasmine Flahat is in her fourth year at the University of Toronto, completing an HBA in digital enterprise management with a specialization in digital marketing. She has a profound passion for marketing and dedicates significant time to researching new trends and staying current in this rapidly evolving industry.

When she’s not busy with classes or assignments, she’s a Social Media Marketing Associate for Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique, where she creates engaging content, crafts compelling captions, and co-ordinates posting schedules to boost in-store traffic.

In her free time, Jasmine enjoys exploring Toronto with friends and family, delving into its vibrant food scene and discovering cozy coffee shops along the way. She’s also recently taken up photography as a means to capture her favourite moments and experiences in this lively city.

As for her favourite go-to caffeinated beverage? She loves an iced or hot vanilla latte.

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