A latte with students

Episode first aired on August 17, 2023

Season 01 Episode 10

In this episode, Matisse chats with PR & Lattes’ student writers Ally Medeiros, Meagan Poole and Rebeca Blyde about returning for their final semester and talking about their journeys to PR.

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About our guest

Ally Medeiros

Ally Medeiros is a second-year PR and Strategic Communications student at Durham College. When she’s not in classes or working on assignments, Ally is a supervisor at Starbucks (so you know she knows lattes!) and, until recently, wrote and performed in a monthly comedy show called Good News Toronto.

Other than that, in her off-time, this avid reader can be found enjoying family dinners or visiting her boyfriend in Toronto, where they’re catching live comedy shows or cooking delicious meals. Fun fact: Ally and her boyfriend perform stand-up, sketch and improv comedy, so they’re always out watching their friends or being on stage. 

Meagan Poole

By day, Meagan is completing her studies at Durham College in the PR & Strategic Communications program. By night, she loves spending time with her friends and family. She loves every opportunity to go to a concert, and when she can’t be there live, she has music constantly blaring through her headphones.

This passionate, Halloween-loving Leo loves to stay in the know about anything and everything music and pop culture. And when she’s not busy with school, work, family, and friends, she’s cuddling up with her cat, Delaney.

Rebeca Blyde

Rebeca Blyde is a full-time second-year PR and Strategic Communications student at Durham College. When she’s not hitting the books and doing assignments, she designs birthday cards, which she hopes will become a small business. She’s a proud dog mom to a Yorkshire Terrier named Liz and a plant parent to the over 30 plants in her collection. She’s also an avid online shopper, so if you need tips on where to go to get something online, she’s your go-to person.

Episode Transcript

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