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Global cities with flourishing PR careers

By Keerthana Suresh on February 5, 2024

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An aerial view of Dublin, Ireland at night.

Want to experience living in a different city and work as a PR practitioner? Then this is the article for you!

Check out these blossoming cities that are exquisite both in their standard of living and scope in the PR industry.

Public relations and integrated communications are gaining momentum as every organization and company realizes the importance of looking good in the public sphere. This only means one thing – being in PR will give you a successful career, but you have to choose wisely.

But the opportunities are immense which means each of us looking to work in the PR industry can go places if only we make the right decisions.

So, what are the best places to start your career in PR?

Brussels, Belgium

Hub for all international media in Europe, Brussels is at the top of my list for its rich cultural city values and booming job opportunities in PR. Traditionally, we would have seen London here, but Brussels has come to the spotlight owing to its larger mix of international reporters and journalists. Ellwood Atfield quotes in one of its articles, “According to the European Commission, there are 1,313 accredited journalists and technical press people from 62 different countries reporting from Brussels. In total, they represent 487 media from 60 different countries around the world.”

It is true that one should be extremely well-versed in the country’s rich heritage and history to succeed and set foot into the PR world of Brussels, but that comes with any media and communication job.

The Grand Place in Brussels in the evening.

Dublin, Ireland

Booming as the new technological hub, Dublin is performing immensely well, as a lot of start-ups are witnessing opportunistic growth. This means the scope for PR here is only going to increase. If you want to experience life and career in a rich, culturally set-back city, Dublin is your place!

An article published by BRIDGET GILLESPIE also talks about how Ireland’s PR mirrors the PR practices in America. So you are not far off dealing with the real currents in the world of PR while you work in Dublin. Also, it is not just the work culture here, but the pay scale of PR professionals has drastically increased over the years, which means that the chances of doing really well as a PR professional are comparatively high in Dublin.

An aerial view of Dublin, Ireland at night.

Sydney, Australia

Australia is one of the top choices of places to live in for many people. Adding to this mix, the public relations industry is thriving here because of its strong economy and Australia in itself being a developed country, career acceleration has good scope and the standard of living is worthwhile. The communications industry in Sydney has seen immense growth in the recent past.

Sydney also offers a variety of internships for international workers making it comparatively easy to dip your toes into the PR industry. The only factor one has to be careful about is the status of visas and permits, as these are quite complex in Australia.

An aerial view of Sydney, Australia.

Bengaluru, India

Termed the “Silicon City” due to its vast empire of corporate organizations, corporate communications are the bloodline of these organizations. Adding to the mix is the strong emergence of start-ups in the city. So this makes the city a great place to start a career in PR and build upward progress.

Bengaluru, as opposed to Delhi and Bombay, also has the friendliest media team and journalists, making it a warm place for work. The standard of living is great (minus the traffic), and the culture of the city makes it easy for anyone to fit in. From an article in PRmoment in India, Shivali Mittal, account director for Ruder Finn Asia, who has worked in both Mumbai and Bengaluru, says, “Since most of the publications have small teams, it makes it easier to know and understand the journalists. The editors are more approachable and always spare time to meet and attend a key announcement.”

An ornate government building in Bengaluru, India.

In the end…

The key advantage of working in PR is the uniformity in the approach to handling the public perceptions of brands. Strategies and tactics differ according to the culture and values, but if one has a good learning of what the PR industry is all about, then one can set foot anywhere in the world to make an impactful communications professional.

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