How AI is Changing the Marketing Landscape

By Nathan Buchanan on May 27, 2024

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Ross Simmonds presents at a conference.

Ross Simmonds, CEO of Foundation Marketing, shares how AI-powered tools are being used in marketing

The buzz around new products is always exciting in today’s tech-driven world. One of the hottest topics grabbing headlines in 2024 is artificial intelligence (AI). AI has become a game-changer across various business sectors, especially in marketing, where it tailors business cases to meet the needs of stakeholders. Ignoring AI  means missing out on a transformative technology that’s reshaping how businesses operate. 

However, it’s unlikely that marketers are completely unaware of AI’s potential.  

Many tools today come with AI features that we might already be using without realizing it. For instance, Canva’s  Magic Studio offers AI-powered tools for teams creating custom, on-brand content, and platforms provide AI-generated writing tools for essays. 

According to McKinsey, 22 per cent of employees reported using AI regularly in 2023, with marketing and sales leading the industry.

AI’s rapid evolution is noteworthy but raises concerns about technology possibly replacing human thinking entirely. Despite this, experts like Ross Simmonds, a tech entrepreneur and marketing strategist, emphasize the positive impact of AI. Through his B2B content marketing agency, Foundation Marketing, Simmonds leverages  AI alongside data and creativity to drive organic growth for software brands worldwide. 

Simmonds explains that AI plays a crucial role in understanding customer behaviour, enabling smarter marketing decisions based on data insights. AI-powered Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, for instance,  analyze vast amounts of data to uncover patterns and insights, helping businesses anticipate customer needs and enhance relationships (Medium, 2023)

“We use AI to understand what customers want and create better marketing,” says Simmonds, who was named in the Top 50 CEOs in Atlantic Canada. “It’s about using data to make smarter decisions.” 

Foundation Marketing’s collaborations with reputable companies like Canva, Procore, and Unbounce demonstrate  AI’s effectiveness in driving successful marketing strategies. While AI has drawbacks, Simmonds encourages embracing it as a career and business growth catalyst, emphasizing the need for a data-literate culture in today’s tech landscape. 

“Everyone’s talking about AI,” says Simmonds. “There are so many tools and things changing so fast that it’s hard  for many people to keep up.” Simmonds also points out that while AI will change how people work, it won’t replace all marketers and creators. “Not everyone in marketing is the same.” 

The benefits of AI 

AI’s impact on marketing is profound, from analytics-driven audience segmentation to personalized content delivery and campaign optimization. Strategically combining AI tools can significantly influence key business metrics and goals, highlighting the importance of ongoing learning and tech adoption in modern business practices (, 2023).  

Beyond the operational benefits, AI presents exciting opportunities for marketers to innovate and stay ahead in a competitive landscape. For example, AI-driven analytics provide deep insights into customer preferences, helping marketers tailor their strategies for maximum impact. Personalized content creation, powered by AI algorithms that analyze user behaviour and engagement patterns, enables brands to deliver relevant and timely messages, enhancing customer experiences. 

“We’re going to see more organizations continue to not only invest in these tools but also to bring in people who are embracing themselves so they can find a competitive edge over their competitions,” says Simmonds. 

AI enhances customer relationship management by automating routine tasks, allowing marketers to focus on high-value activities that require human creativity and strategic thinking. AI-powered chatbots, for instance, provide instant customer support, improving satisfaction levels and driving customer loyalty (One AI, 2023). 

In addition to customer-facing applications, AI revolutionizes behind-the-scenes marketing operations. AI-driven predictive analytics forecast market trends and consumer behaviour, guiding strategic decision-making and resource allocation. Automated email marketing campaigns, optimized through AI algorithms that analyze recipient behaviour,  achieve higher engagement rates and conversion outcomes (, 2023). 

Integrating AI into marketing strategies also opens doors to new channels and formats. Voice search optimization is gaining prominence as AI-driven virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa become ubiquitous. Marketers leveraging AI for voice search optimization can reach a broader audience and enhance brand visibility in this evolving digital landscape (digiquation, n.d.)

As AI continues to evolve, ethical considerations become increasingly important in marketing practices. Marketers must ensure transparency and fairness in AI-driven decision-making processes, avoiding biases and discrimination in targeting and messaging (neo4j, nd.). Additionally, data privacy and security measures are paramount to protect customer information and build trust in AI-powered marketing initiatives. 

Despite these challenges, AI’s potential in marketing is vast and promising. From enhancing customer experiences to driving operational efficiencies and strategic insights, AI empowers marketers to achieve meaningful business outcomes by using AI-driven tools. Embracing AI strategically, combined with human expertise and creativity, is key to unlocking its full potential and staying ahead in the dynamic world of marketing.

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