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Taylor Swift Unlocks a New Level for the PR Industry

By Keerthana Suresh on May 27, 2024

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A close-up of Taylor Swift during her Eras tour performance.

Let’s talk about that ONE thing that is taking the world by storm – TAYLOR SWIFT!

Her Eras tour is the reason the USA rebooted its economy last year, and they are terming it “SWIFTNOMICS.” And why not, right? I wouldn’t hesitate to spend a few bucks that I can afford to experience her live! Billions who think like me probably attended her shows, paying heavy bucks, thus helping the cities she performed in churn the money into the U.S. economy.

But that is not it; Taylor Swift has impacted the PR industry with significant changes through her strategic social media and public campaign and planning. The PR world is slowly turning towards how Taylor Swift is doing PR, and below are a few notable and worthy ways that I have put together.

  1. Unique storytelling and narratives – Taylor doesn’t do a lot of interviews or press conferences, as one must have observed. However, she resorts to her social media handles to interact with the public, maintaining a consistent public persona. She uses her Twitter, Instagram, etc., to engage with her fans, creating a new PR narrative. This makes her look transparent, but she is only revealing that part of her public image that she wants to.
  2. Crisis management – Like any other celebrity, Taylor has seen a lot of controversies, legal issues and public feuds, her personal relationship has also always been a hot topic of discussion among others. But one must applaud how she turns every issue with her name on it into a positive ball game. Through clear concise communications as statements, social media posts highlighting and speaking about the issue and most powerfully through her music, she manoeuvres the controversies into something that builds her personality as even stronger.  
  3. Crafting unique campaigns – Taylor Swift’s campaigns relating to her fans and her own personality are quite innovative. Taylor is known to add her personal presence when it comes to her fans. She does surprise visits, invites her fans to her concerts and release parties and is known to constantly stay in touch with her fans because it is said she knows that “this is what she had wanted when she was a nobody.” Additionally, her generous contributions as donations for various causes and charity help us to know Taylor Swift as a humble and big-hearted person.
  4. Supporting her fellow artists by advocating for them – At any award function, we can always see Taylor cheering for her fellow artists on stage. Such is her charisma for elevating artists from every era. Taylor was also the first artist to rerelease most of her songs and albums with her own catalogue, and she encouraged other artists to do the same to bring uniformity in copyrights and intellectual property matters.

Going through these, I felt the need to know more about Taylor and her influence on various industries. The Eras tour and Taylor Swift are a continuous saga that is bringing about many changes and exciting ways of working in the entertainment and PR industry. This is worth learning about, but this is an ongoing process.

My fellow Swifties in the PR industry, Do you have a Swiftie moment that inspired you to do something different in the field?

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