The Benefits and Risks of AI in PR

By Bhavishay Arora on May 21, 2024

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As AI seemingly dominates every industry, it has drawn both skeptics and enthusiasts in the name of technological advancements. A few of the most significant areas of concern are job automation and social disruption. While AI may lead to some job reshuffling, it remains essential to acknowledge this technology’s potential advantages, particularly in PR. From leveraging AI for sophisticated data analysis to deploying AI-driven tools for effective campaign management, the fusion of technology and PR is not just a trend but a revolution in how we approach communication strategies. 

Content Strategy and Creation

When it comes to content creation, AI is a game-changer. Thanks to tools like Chat-GPT, AI is bringing about significant advancements in areas like ideation, strategy, summarization, writing, and editing. Automating content development helps PR teams create more ideas and content at a faster and more accurate pace. With AI’s ability to analyze and incorporate data, it helps create more focused and personalized content that aligns with audiences’ interests and behaviours. 

AI is becoming the main driver of content generation today; however, we have to be cautious about its drawbacks associated with digital content authenticity. Among them are deepfakes, which are usually videos of a person whose face or body has been digitally altered so that they appear to be someone else, and are typically used maliciously or to spread false information. These are the most common forms of AI error and AI-generated fake content that can damage reputations. 

So, of course, there is a fear or increased chance of these technologies potentially being abused within PR. That’s why it’s necessary to develop strategies to recognize these issues as fast as possible by keeping up to date with AI advancements, using deepfake detection tools, and being ready for any reputational threat.

Media Monitoring and Analysis

PR practitioners are well-versed in the advantages of media monitoring, including how it can help with crisis management, gather a wealth of extremely valuable information, guide business decisions, and enhance the reputation of your client’s brand. With the evolution of AI in recent years, this has levelled up and drastically altered how the PR industry operates. AI has completely transformed media monitoring, making a time-consuming task more effective and instantaneous. Providing key insights into public opinion, new trends, and influencer activity can be gleaned from massive amounts of data by sophisticated AI algorithms, which is crucial for reputation management and strategic planning.

Even though AI is capable of handling data-driven tasks, human intervention is still necessary for tasks involving empathy, moral judgment, and complex comprehension. Establishing solid relationships may be hampered by AI systems’ possible lack of emotional intelligence and empathy. 

Because of these potential mistakes or misinterpretations from AI, a company’s reputation could be at stake, leading to an ineffective or damaging public relations campaign.


AI-powered tools can prove to be a precious business asset to communication professionals in their capability to perform tasks that generally take up far too much of our precious time. AI has proven effective in conducting exploration and furnishing the requested results. This frees up PR professionals to further that uniquely mortal creativity that PR thrives on. 

It’s not just about effectiveness; AI’s capability to dissect and interpret large volumes of data enables further targeted and substantiated content, aligning more closely with followers’ interests and actions. Distilling complex information from various sources and explaining it along with one’s original ideas is an important aspect of AI-powered tools. Effective note-taking systems that can keep track of the source information and help avoid plagiarism are critical for this process. Still, AI relies heavily on the quality of input data, and PR professionals need to be aware of this fact. 

These models are trained on subsisting data, and if that data contains partialities or imbalances, it can unintentionally immortalize or amplify those biases within the generated content. Biased or incomplete datasets can lead to inaccurate perceptions. By utilizing the power of AI-driven analytics, PR Specialists can form more informed opinions when developing and enriching their strategies.

Crisis Management

In crises, AI’s real-time data analysis and automated response capabilities can be incredibly useful. AI tools offer immediate crisis support in managing dispatches, maintaining consistency across channels, analyzing social media exchanges, relating possible threats, and furnishing real-time perceptivity and recommendations for communication strategies. 

For instance, chatbots using AI algorithms can be employed to automate crisis communication responses, ensuring compatible messaging and timely updates. Those real-time alerts narrow the time necessary for PR professionals to learn about an upcoming calamity and enable them to act proactively in countering it well before it snowballs out of control. This aids in building confidence as it lessens the impact of a disaster on major stakeholders. 

In the case of a multilingual crisis, generative Al uses assistive techniques, such as machine language translation, to quickly and accurately convert your message into many languages.

AI has no empathy or human connection, although it can automate customer responses and collect data more efficiently. Hence, ongoing conversations during a crisis will necessitate human intervention to handle issues and provide reassurance according to some people’s moral standards. AI cannot meet the PR team’s intricate communication demands at high-stakes levels.

A Step In The Future

While AI offers an array of possibilities, it is not without limitations, and it takes time and effort to learn. Its attraction demands a sophisticated knowledge of its boundaries and risks. Considering and offering solutions for such impediments is fundamental for the successful and responsible application of AI in PR.

Whether you like it or not, AI is possibly a chance that you can use to transition to the future business world. AI automation will sooner or later apply to many business processes. Although AI has these benefits, tech experts should not overlook the risks of this technology. Look for ways which remove or minimize AI’s risks and transform them into benefits.

The adoption of AI can be overwhelming for many, but a change never allows you to be comfortable. With effective quality control, the industry is hopeful that businesses’ future will be more innovative, advanced, and safe.

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