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Ally Medeiros is a second-year PR and Strategic Communications student at Durham College. When she’s not in classes or working on assignments, Ally is a supervisor at Starbucks (so you know she knows lattes!) and, until recently, wrote and performed in a monthly comedy show called Good News Toronto.

Other than that, in her off-time, this avid reader can be found enjoying family dinners or visiting her boyfriend in Toronto, where they’re catching live comedy shows or cooking delicious meals. Fun fact: Ally and her boyfriend perform stand-up, sketch and improv comedy, so they’re always out watching their friends or being on stage. 

As for her go-to caffeinated beverage? She’s got a few (but can you blame her?):

  • Vanilla iced coffee with milk
  • Iced strawberry matcha tea
  • London Fog
  • Hot orange pekoe with a splash of milk 

Articles by Ally Medeiros

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Non-profit vs. Corporate: What’s the Difference?

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Corporate Besties?

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When I Grow Up, I Want To…?

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The Very Easy Task of Finding Work/Life Balance

Remember when everyone worked non-stop, focused on “the grind,” and was always tired and miserable? We have collectively moved away from that notion., probably because we were forced to when……

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It’s me, anxiety. I’m the problem; it’s me.

Anytime I sit down to do anything important – or even when I start to think about doing something I need to do – I am halted by anxiety. It……

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