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Ashley Nemeth is a passionate advocate and visionary leader dedicated to creating a more accessible world for herself and future generations. With over a decade of experience in disability rights, human rights, and accessibility, Ashley’s work is grounded in the belief that inclusive communication is pivotal.

Her role as a Senior Communications Strategist for her city and her impactful presence online, through her long-standing blog at and her Instagram @ashleynemethofficial, showcase her commitment to change.

Ashley’s professional journey includes significant roles with CNIB, where she has been a beacon of leadership and advocacy, earning her national and regional recognitions, including CNIB’s Employee of the Year and CBC’s Top 40 under 40.

A seasoned public speaker, Ashley addresses the barriers faced by those with disabilities, advocating for employment opportunities and societal inclusion. Her leadership extends beyond her professional achievements, touching lives through motivational speaking and active community advocacy and development engagement.

Ashley’s life outside work is filled with creativity and passion, finding joy in writing, reading, and crocheting, always with a coffee in hand.

Her journey is not just a career but a testament to the power of advocacy, leadership, and the relentless pursuit of accessibility for all.

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