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Knowing Your Value

By Ali Ryan on June 24, 2024

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A sign sits in the sand with text that reads, "Know Your Worth."

It’s important to recognize your worth in the path that you choose. This is especially true in communications and creative professions, as we are often undervalued in what we do and how much influence it has – everywhere.

The world is absolutely bursting with scintillating stories, vibrant ideas, and a constant exchange of information through communications and media. Yet, as creative professionals, we often find ourselves in the background. In a landscape obsessed with the ‘right now’ and the immediate need for stimulation, recognizing our own value and demanding its acknowledgment is crucial.

Feeling a little underappreciated lately? You’re not alone. As communicators, we spend a lot of time crafting messages, designing experiences, and shaping the stories everyone’s talking about, and then… it’s as if our magic just goes unnoticed.

Here’s the thing, though: that “magic” is what keeps the world spinning. Think about it – a dynamic, 10/10 marketing campaign doesn’t just boost sales, it builds communities around brands. A well-written article doesn’t just inform, it can spark movements. We’re not just making pretty graphics or writing catchy slogans, we’re translating complex ideas, bridging the gap between what people need and what they understand.

The problem is our impact feels tough to measure sometimes.

The impact of a social media post ripples outwards, shaping conversations and fostering movements. This intangibility breeds a misconception – that our work is simply “soft skills,” easily replicated and devoid of real value (hello, AI). We may not be handing out physical products or closing deals in a shiny public spotlight – but that doesn’t mean our work is any less valuable. Imagine it like an app without a user design or a performance without a background crew. Not a great experience, right? That’s where we come in – making things seamless, intuitive, and engaging. Tangible outside of numbers and codes. Translatable through more than just a single ‘language’.

Big picture? Effective communication and creativity are the cornerstones of a successful society. We translate complex ideas into digestible narratives, create connections across cultures and demographics, and bridge the gap between intention and action. We are the storytellers who capture hearts and minds, the designers who shape user experiences, and the strategists who navigate the ever-evolving landscape of culture and information. Without us, businesses would struggle to connect with their customers, policies would fail to resonate with the public, and innovative ideas would be lost in translation. We hold powerful people accountable daily, challenging the status quo and making people think differently through creative processes and effective communications. In a world overflowing with information, often monotonous or dense, our ability to cut through the noise and deliver truth is more important than ever.

If anyone isn’t convinced, they should turn on the news, open a newspaper, look around, and pay attention.

So, how do we make sure we command the recognition we deserve? Well, starts with having to own who we are and shout our worth from the rooftops.

As a collective, we have to own our craft.

We dedicate ourselves to mastering our varied expertise, researching trends, and tailoring detailed messages for maximum impact. Beyond financial gain, we deserve to be compensated fairly for this in recognition, acknowledgment and pride.

This ownership goes larger than our individual selves, though. As communicators as a whole, we have to speak up. Our voices are stronger when we speak as a united front of creative force. We owe it to ourselves to network more, share our mutual knowledge (gatekeeping is so yesterday), and build a support system that sets the bar for our profession and beyond.

This ties into educating others as well. As we work and develop in corporate teams, the education system, or even how we work with clients, we can explain our processes and celebrate our wins loudly. The more people understand our magic, the more they’ll appreciate it. It’s often as simple as that.

We all know it: the world needs its storytellers, its strategists, and its creative problem solvers. Newsflash? That’s us! We, the communicators and creatives, the right-brained architects, shape every aspect of life through mixed media. By recognizing our worth, demanding fair treatment, and collaborating effectively, we can ensure that our voices are not only heard but valued.

Let’s own our worth, collaborate boldly, and ensure we’re celebrated.

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