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Mastering the Art of Networking: A Professional Communicator’s Guide

By Tanya Murali Dharan on September 4, 2023

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A woman smiles as she actively listens to a conversation with two others while at a networking event.

Networking is an invaluable skill for professional communicators. Whether you’re mingling in person or connecting online, the art of networking can unlock doors to opportunities and foster valuable relationships. In this guide, we’ll explore essential dos and don’ts that will empower you to navigate the world of networking with confidence and authenticity.

Networking In-Person: Crafting Real Connections

In-person networking events offer a unique opportunity to connect with others. Here’s a practical breakdown of how to excel in face-to-face encounters:


Dress the Part: Imagine dressing for an event as setting the stage for a performance. Dress professionally, aligning with the event’s dress code. Your attire becomes your silent introduction.

Friendly Demeanor: Picture yourself as the host of a gathering. Maintain an approachable demeanour by offering a warm smile and keeping open body language. Approachability serves as your invitation.

Craft an Elevator Pitch: Consider your introduction as the opening scene of a captivating movie. Create a concise, engaging introduction that conveys who you are and what you do. It sets the stage for meaningful conversations.

Active Listening: Think of active listening as spotlighting the person you’re engaging with. Show genuine interest by asking questions and participating wholeheartedly in conversations.

Exchange Contact Information: Collecting business cards or connecting on platforms like LinkedIn is akin to collecting souvenirs from a memorable event. These contact details are your tickets to future connections.

Follow-Up: Post-event, sending personalized follow-up messages is akin to sending thank-you notes after a delightful dinner party. Express gratitude for the connection and your eagerness for future collaboration.

A group of people stand as they talk during a networking event. They are each hold plates with some finger foods on them.


Information Overload: Consider your conversations succinct speed dates, not lengthy novels. Keep discussions focused and engaging, avoiding overwhelming detail.

Conversation Hijacking: Think of timing as the rhythm in a dance. Before joining in, wait for a natural conversation break to avoid disrupting ongoing discussions.

Time Management: Picture networking events as a buffet with many delectable options. Be mindful of your time with one person, as networking events involve meeting various individuals.

Name Amnesia: Visualize forgetting someone’s name as leaving a plot halfway through a movie. Make an effort to remember names to avoid creating an awkward impression.

Authenticity: Your authenticity is your unique performance. Avoid relying on rehearsed or insincere pitches; let your genuine self shine through to foster authentic connections.

Networking Online: Navigating the Digital Realm

Online networking is like a well-choreographed digital dance. Here’s your playbook for success:


Polish Your Profile: Consider your LinkedIn profile as your digital business card. Ensure it’s polished, complete, and effectively showcases your skills and achievements.

Engage in Discussions: Imagine online forums and groups as vibrant digital cocktail parties. Be the life of the conversation by sharing your insights and knowledge.

Personalized Connection Requests: Instead of sending generic invitations, think of sending personalized connection requests as crafting heartfelt letters. Explain why you want to connect and how you can bring value.

Share Quality Content: Consider sharing informative and relevant content as contributing a dish to a potluck. Your contributions enrich the community and attract like-minded professionals to your network.

Prompt Responses: Timely responses are a testament to your professionalism and respect for others’ time.

An overheard view of open laptops, tablets and smartphones with an illustration overtop connecting people together.


Mass Connection Requests: Resist the urge to treat networking as a numbers game. Quality connections are more valuable than quantity.

Self-Promotion Overload: Picture excessive self-promotion as a solo act in a symphony. Balance your self-promotion with valuable insights and active engagement with others.

Privacy Protection: Think of your online presence as your digital fortress. Adjust privacy settings prudently to safeguard your online persona.

Online Altercations: Steer clear of online quarrels; envision yourself as a digital diplomat. Maintain a respectful tone, refraining from personal attacks.

Ignoring Connections: If you connect with someone online and then disappear, it’s like accepting an invitation to dinner and vanishing before dessert. Be responsive and nurturing to build lasting digital relationships.

In the end…

Networking is an indispensable skill for professional communicators in person and online. Following these practical dos and don’ts allows you to navigate networking events and digital platforms easily and authentically. Effective networking can pave the way for valuable connections, expanded knowledge, and a successful career. So, embrace the art of networking and watch your professional world flourish.

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