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Protecting all of your content creation efforts

By Keerthana Suresh on March 18, 2024

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Intellectual property, though intangible, is most likely to be stolen. Here are a few tips on safeguarding your IP when working in PR.

Today, everyone has exposure and learning to various kinds of ideas. This makes up for tons and tons of wonderful fabrications (most commonly known as the creation of mind) that later turn into products, services, businesses, social media content and so on. But here comes the concept of intellectual property because anything that you create from your idea generation belongs to you; at the same time, since we live in the digital world, things are easily accessible to everyone, leading to high chances of many others copying your work or even duplications because they come up with a similar idea like yours.

Working in PR, we play multiple roles, and one of the most important ones is creating content for our clients in the form of press releases and kits, speeches, campaign ideas, emails, logos and so on. Hence, protecting your and your client’s intellectual property rights should be at the top of your priority list. This can get tricky given the content creation challenges, but here are a few important steps to infuse into your work to know & protect your IP. 

The Best Practices

If you want to be the best in what you do, you must adapt practices that will increase the value of your content. So read the IP laws concerning your industry or the place you work in and use original content. This will also make the process hassle-free when patenting your creations.

Visit Ontario.ca to read the rules and laws concerning IP and learn how they apply to every tiny piece of detailed work we produce.

Understand the landscapes of social media

While navigating content, especially if you need to use it on social media platforms, you should understand the terms and conditions of social media. These can be easily overlooked as we use social media more than usual, even daily. But remember, social media has the most considerable reach and impact on our audiences, so it is very important to be thorough with the T&A.

Tell them you own them

First things first, always trademark your content and establish ownership. Anyone accessing your content should know they need your permission to use or reference it anywhere. 

If you need more help, check the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) website. They offer in-depth knowledge about IP and ownership and can help you obtain trademarks.

Keep an eye out and be informed

Above everything else, you need to have someone who is experienced in this field to guide you. Yes, you need attorney lawyers but you cannot turn to these people for everyday challenges and questions that one may get that seem very significant for us but not for the attorneys. In situations like these having an acquaintance/well-wisher who can be your coach and guide you navigate the complexities of IP is truly a blessing.

Remember, not everyone talks about intellectual property or its importance for content creators in the PR landscape. However, the more equipped you are with the intricate details of IP while working in PR, the better you will perform and protect all that is yours.

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