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The Skinny on Shorts – YouTube Shorts

By Ali Ryan on October 22, 2023

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Someone holding a smartphone that is showing the YouTube logo.

YouTube’s Shorts feature is making its way into our social realm, and what a big splash it has made! Rivalling its competitors in short-form video content like TikTok and Reels, Shorts allows YouTube users, traditionally featuring longer-form, high-quality content, to capitalize on the short-form sensation taking over our short attention spans worldwide.

These short video snippets have stormed the scene in a social world hungry for instant gratification. Today, let’s unravel what works, what doesn’t, and how one can craft a captivating strategy.

What Are YouTube Shorts?

Imagine mini-movies, bursts of brilliance, and flashes of creativity—all condensed into bite-sized videos of up to 60 seconds. YouTube Shorts are a welcome ode to brevity in a world filled with lengthy narratives. They are designed for discovery, effortlessly finding their way into the viewer’s feed. With autoplay from piece to piece and a vertical format reminiscent of its competitors, creators of any size are positioned to thrive. The more engaging your Shorts, the higher they soar.

Someone is holding up their smartphone that's on YouTube's logo in front of their open laptop that is also on YouTube.

What Works Best?

In crafting your strategy and incorporation of YouTube Shorts, here are some key things to consider:

Visual Aesthetics

Crisp visuals, vibrant colours, and captivating thumbnails are the keys to unlocking curiosity.

Hit That Hook

In the first heartbeat of your video, the audience decides whether to stay or scroll away. Start with a captivating hook that leaves them craving more.

Success in Sound

Use catchy, trending tunes, captivating sounds, or relatable dialogues to weave your magic. There is power in a good voiceover!

Wrap It Up

Short and sweet! The brevity of Shorts is their charm; respect it and hold the viewer’s attention.

Connect viewer’sConnect

In shared feelings, we find a connection. Craft content that resonates with your audience, not what you think will based on someone else’s content.

Be Original

Avoid replication and strive for authenticity. What works for someone else may not work for you!

Put Quality in the Queue

Poor-quality visuals and audio won’t take you very far. Offer consistent, high-quality visuals for your audience, even if this means posting less frequently.

Engaging Authentically

What is a creator without their community? Neglecting to engage with your audience through comments and likes can significantly affect your account.

In the greater scheme of things, YouTube Shorts is just a slice of the digital cake of social platforms. Embrace the challenges, capture consistently, and let your creative spirit soar in your exploration of YouTube Shorts.

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