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What I wish PR folks better understood about graphic design

By Emily Jenkins on June 12, 2023

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A man uses his design table as he implements various colour swatches.

It is no secret that graphic design and public relations go hand in hand. They are two distinct but interconnected fields that often work together to create effective communication strategies and visually appealing materials for businesses and organizations.

Graphic design creates visual content using various elements such as typography, imagery, colour, and layout. We use creative and technical skills to develop visually appealing strategies for both digital and print mediums.

In the context of public relations, graphic designers play a crucial role in visually representing a brand or organization. We work closely with public relations professionals to create designs that align with the client’s messaging and communication goals. Whether designing a brand identity, developing marketing collateral, or creating infographics for press releases, graphic designers ensure that the visual elements effectively convey the intended message to the target audience.

That being said, here are three things I wish communications professionals better understood about working with a graphic designer. 

  1. Good Graphic Design Takes Time: Creating visually appealing and effective designs involves a thoughtful and iterative process that requires time and attention to detail. While it’s true that some designs can be created relatively quickly, producing an exceptional graphic design that stands out and effectively communicates a message typically requires a significant investment of time, effort, and creative exploration.
  2. Provide as much detail as possible about what you want, but leave room for the concept to grow: Detailed information gives graphic designers a solid foundation to start our creative process. While generating creative solutions, clearly understanding what you want allows us to tailor designs accordingly, resulting in a more personalized and effective outcome. Detailed information facilitates better collaboration between you and the graphic designer. This allows us to take your initial request and run with it, pushing the concept beyond your initial expectations based on our design expertise. Trust the process! 
  3. Accessibility is Essential: Accessible graphic design and communications promote inclusivity by making visual content accessible to individuals with various disabilities, such as sight loss or cognitive disabilities. By considering accessibility in design, we can ensure that everyone in your target audience can access and understand the information you are conveying. By prioritizing accessibility, we demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity and equal access to information. This can help enhance your brand reputation and attract a broader audience. Users appreciate organizations that value accessibility and are likelier to engage with content that meets their needs.

By leveraging the graphic design and communications professionals’ diverse backgrounds, skills and perspectives, projects can benefit from a more comprehensive and well-rounded approach, resulting in even more successful outcomes.

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