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By Meagan Poole on February 5, 2024

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A still from Arianna Grande’s video Yes…And. It’s a close-up of Arianna.

Ariana Grande has been in the spotlight lately, and there have been various discussions surrounding her. However, I think it’s time to discuss something more important she’s done recently. Let’s focus on the impact she’s making with her latest music video Yes…and? 

YouTube video

I’m going to keep it super real with you. When I first heard the song on my phone, I wasn’t overwhelmed with what I heard. My thought was that it had been over four years since her last album dropped. This single was built up, at least in my mind, to be a guaranteed hit. A bop that would take over all the radio stations. Not that it was terrible, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. It seemed clear to me that she was holding out for the music video because after watching it, it quickly became one of my favourite visual performances she’s ever done. Changing my mind completely on the song itself. It’s amazing!

Taking her creativity to new levels, Grande has seamlessly and beautifully integrated American Sign Language (ASL) into the video’s choreography. This approach not only adds a visually impressive element to the video, but it’s going to influence the hearing loss community in a wonderful way.

For those of you who aren’t D/deaf or hard of hearing or familiar with ASL, I’ll add a quick video that explains it’s meaning.

By making the artistic decision to include ASL, she not only made her music more assessible, but she’s promoting inclusivity and representation. Allowing individuals with hearing loss to connect with the music they love on a deeper level.

In my opinion, it’s a fun, educational, and a powerful way to bridge that gap between the hearing and the hearing loss communities. Fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for ASL as the fantastic form of communication it is. 

Like I said before, Grande’s been in the spotlight a lot lately. Not for anything particularly positive, to say the least. From my perspective, she’s being painted as someone who doesn’t care for others and only cares for herself. Whatever the case may be, it’s not uncommon for celebrities to face criticism or backlash for several reasons. I can’t help but think what I would do if I was on Grande’s crisis communication team, or Grande herself.

On my research journey, I only stumbled across two instances. The first being Yes…and?, and the other was Happy by Pharrell Williams released in 2014. To me, showcasing Grande’s commitment to inclusivity and how she’s using her platform to make meaningful change for others, would be a big step forward. As long as it was truly authentic to who she is. This could, hopefully, change her current image from selfish to selfless.

Accessibility is necessary in the PR industry, the music industry, and, to be real with you one more time before I wrap it up, it’s necessary in all industries. Thanks to Yes…and?, awareness has been raised, even if with a simple ASL sign.

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