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Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

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Algairen Artiaga is an advertising strategist who focuses on providing invaluable support to an advertising agency’s branding and design team. 

You’ll often find her walking along the beach when the workday is done, soaking in nature’s beauty. On not-so-nice days, her favourite pastime is heading to the movies. Algairen also loves exploring new culinary experiences, whether it’s trying out new restaurants or cafes. 

A fun fact about Algairen is her lifelong love for playing the clarinet. Although she’s taken a break from it, she hopes to pick it up again someday.

Algairen has a beloved dog named Coco, who resides in Spain, and she misses him dearly. 

When it comes to her go-to hot beverage, she goes for a latte or a white chocolate mocha! 

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